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Name - SW-Inku Aka Stevie Wilson

Occupation - Comic major & free lance artist (= poor)

Age - 21

Tools - Quill pen, india ink, Tria-Prisma-Copic markers, watercolor, open canvas 3+, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom tablet and sleep depravation.

Obsessions - Comics comics comics comics, markers and more markers, web site design and caffeine enriched drinks.

Fave comics - Bleach by Kubo, Tactics by Kinoshita Sakura, Scott Pilgram by Bryan Lee O'malley, Antique bakery by Fumi Yoshinaga

Lives - NYC, USA

Rules to live by - Never hit a man 3 times your weight and 2 feet taller.

Bites - Only when provoked

E-mail -

Livejournal? Yes.

Other sites: GENKI INC.


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