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Leida Verri

An other wise surly brutally honest young woman. Works at "Thumbtack" Radio as an afternoon DJ alternately works the weekend late night shows.


Ronan "Ronnie" Owen

Leida's best friend since high school, one of the few people who gets to suffer from her "full charm". Is well known for his bad run of shitty boyfriends. In actuality he is sweet and generous years of exposure from Leida makes him seem catty more often then not.



A mutual friend of their's who often finds her self trapped in the cross fire of their petty arguments. Works as an editor at a small book publisher, is also on the staff of an independent press news paper.


Eric Quintin

The subject of Ronnie's 3 year crush, an overly nice guy who has taken to looking after him.


Brendan Teagan

Love has not been kind to Brendan, and has sworn off causal sex and causal relationships in general. He works as a bartender at "Bad Habit" are bar Leida and Ronnie like to go too.


Victor Torres

He's cute and the subject of much ogling by Brendan. He works the graveyard shift at a deli.


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